Yoni Levitan

Yoni Levitan

Head Coach

Deadlift: 505lbs
Dip: bodyweight + 154lbs
Chin up: bodyweight + 143lbs
Close grip bench press: 297lbs


- Exercise Therapy Association: Lower Body Mastery, Upper Body Mastery, Core Mastery (enrolled for fall 2024), Foot Programming Specialist (in progress), Shoulder programming specialist (in progress)

- Internship w/ Preston Greene, Clemson Men’s basketball Strength & Conditioning director

- Internship w/ Juan Carlos Simo, owner of Workout RD & bodybuilding expert, Santo Domingo

- Strength Sensei: Hypertrophy Camp (Charles Poliquin), Montreal, Achieving excellence in the powerlifts (Charles Poliquin, Ed Coan, Matt Wenning), Toronto, Strength Training for Olympic grapplers (Poliquin), Colorado Springs, Kinetic Chain Enhancement – upper body (Poliquin) Toronto, Optimizing brain performance (Poliquin, Sachin Patel), Phoenix, Metabolic Analytics / Nutrition (Poliquin), Toronto, Testing/management of food intolerances (Poliquin, Dr. Mark Engelman), Phoenix, Essentials of hormone replacement therapy (Poliquin, Nelson Vergel), Phoenix

- KILO Strength Society: Advanced Program Design, Montreal, PAAB Seminar (Rehabilitating injuries for a safe return to strength training with barbells), Florida

- Level up w/ David Lawrence (MECA & Designs for Sports), Detroit. David has trained a Super Bowl champion Quarterback, and many NFL, NHL, and olympic athletes.

- StrongFirst: SFG kettlebell instructor workshop, Toronto, SFB bodyweight instructor workshop, Toronto

- Ido Portal Method: Movement X, Boulder, Colorado, Corset, Philadelphia, European Movement Meetup, Copenhagen, Three day intensive in the Ido Portal Method at Boulder Movement Collective, Colorado

- Canadian Centre for Strength & Conditioning: Hypertrophy Camp, Ottawa, Energy systems training, Ottawa

- SWIS (Society of Weight Training Injury Specialists) Muscle Testing Workshop, Mississauga

- Fighting Monkey (prehab/rehab/mobility), Toronto

- Athletic Genesis (presenters included 4x & 2x olympians, world record holders in powerlifting & hammer throw, coaches of IFBB/Olympia competitors, etc.), Braselton, Georgia

- Fascial abrasion techniques for personal trainers, Toronto

- SWIS Conference (Society of Weight-Training Injury Specialists), Mississauga

- Greg Nuckols powerlifting workshop, Toronto

- Indian clubs for joint health & mobility, King of Prussia, Pennsylvania

- Immaculate dissection (anatomy & corrective exercise), Toronto

- BJ Fogg’s Tiny Habits Academy: Certified coach

- GLPTI/Canfitpro, Toronto

About Coach

Like most people, growing up I did little strength training. I was young and healthy and just needed rest to recover from injuries I got from playing hockey, rugby, skiing, football, etc. However, while in law school I injured my back playing intramural basketball, and this injury persisted. A year later my back continued to hurt after sitting for long periods. Rest was not enough to heal.

I experienced the cost of inaction: aging makes it harder to recover and bounce back from injury, and I wasn’t putting in the work necessary to prepare my body for the physical demands of the sports I was playing. Out of shape and in pain, I got benched in the finals of my competitive hockey league. I was either going to have to find a way to fix my back and get in shape or “retire” from my favorite sport at the age of 23!

Earlier that year I had another life-changing event: five days apart my dad and grandfather sold the family business, and my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer. It taught me that money doesn’t matter when you don’t have your health. Later on, I decided to leave the legal profession to pursue my interest in health & fitness.

Frustrated by the short-term approach to fitness the gyms I worked at were taking, I decided to start 3 Seasons so that I could build a gym with a long-term approach to health & fitness.